Why Balance Your Brain Now!

New people wishing to start the program enter the program because of the recommendation of someone else on the program, or after observing the tremendous improvements in the life of a friend or associate.  When a person starts the program, their measurements are taken and a narrative description consisting of several pages of information is sent to them explaining the meaning of the measurements. This explains the potential ability of the individual, and also describes their ACTUAL LEVEL OF PERFORMANCE (or the extent of their use of their potential).  Subsequently, progress reports are sent to the individual every ninety (90) days, upon request, until they are BALANCED and LOCKED.

It is desirable that an individual realizes that a commitment to do the program every day is needed, since it is not very beneficial to move to a point where their life works better and then not complete the program.  Several people who have dropped to their “Original Level of Performance” have reported that it is quite painful to revert to their original pattern or “Level of Performance” after a period of time when EVERYTHING IN THEIR LIFE HAD WORKED BETTER.

The Balancing Program does not interfere with any other program, Seminar training or spiritual beliefs or disciplines.  Rather, the expanded awareness of one’s potential seems to build a stronger base or platform for the understanding of any study or training.  It will not interfere with any spiritual practice, but seems to compliment one’s existing spiritual activities.

The Balancing Program is worldwide with people from the United States, Canada, Sweden, England, Jamaica, Hong-Kong, Canada, Hawaii and South America participating.

In the United States, there are groups in almost every state. There have been weekly support groups that perform the Balancing focus discipline together, and discuss weekly, the personal changes one can expect while on the program.

Dr. Jewel constantly receives letters, e-mails and phone calls from participants, exclaiming the improvements they are experiencing in their lives.  The improvements are in every area of life – from; “being in Harmony with one’s family, parents, co-workers…” , the enhanced ability to love one’s self…” and “… the realization of new energy, new purpose, and new awareness in their lives…”.  Usually, new requests are received from people who have perceived things going right in the life of a person on the program, and – as one individual put it – “I want some of the same.”

Recently, research has been devoted to the use of the measurements and the informative material provided, as a support tool for Vocational Guidance Testing, and they are also being used to identify intelligence and Talents for assisting in personnel selection, for strategic administrative and mid-management career positions.

A balanced Brain is the key and corner stone for experiencing a Remarkable Life.