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Yellow Magnetic Human WAVESPELL“CREATE YOUR DAY” 13 Day Creation Format

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Course Description & Goal:

“Creating Your Day” course is about mastering your life, reclaiming your body’s owners manual, and creating a life of sovereignty. It’s your Cosmic Right & Responsibility.  It’s  also about re-discovering what and who you are and who you’ve always been.  Creating Your day is a 4th dimensional  Art form  and tool of Mastery that  will aid you in taking your life back.  You NOW get to design and create your life in the way want to live it and not in the way that others have designed it for you.

In this 13 day intensive you will learn:

1)      How to design your day & create what you want

2)      Creating a Cosmic Vaccination

3)      Understanding manifestation & habundance (abundance)  from a elevated  level of consciousness

4)      Learn the 13 tones and how to apply them to your day

5)      Identify what you “Truthfully” want to experience in your reality

6)      That money is  energy and only a tool

7)      How to uncover your limiting beliefs (why and where you are struggling)

8)      Identifying  Trans-generational influences

9)      Removing  the  emotional blocks

10)   How not to be affected by the economic collapse

11)   How FOCUS ALWAYS  wins

12)   How LOVE, JOY & HABUNDANCE  are the KEYS to Everything

13)   Tapping into Purpose & Mastering oneself Cosmically & Consciously

Course Duration: Thirteen Plasmas (DAYS)

Learn how to Create Anything you desire in Alignment with the UNIVERSE! -Dr. Jewel Pookrum

13 Day Create A Life of Sovereignty

A vast indept multidimensional perspective of why Creating your Day is Mandatory! ACCESS YOUR REPLAY NOW. Click on the image for details and Replay Access.

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Dr. Jewel Pookrum expands, enlightens and awakens us to:

  • Understand the concept of Money as compared to Currency
  • Understanding of the word Matrix
  • How the Country was Founded
  • Difference between a Sovereign and a Citizen
  • and MUCH MUCH MORE!!!!!!!

For such a time as this…..Mental and Physical Sovereignty NOW!!!

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