This 7 Day Intimate Experience is created at the request of many, who desire to ‘try it out or experience‘ the Dr. Jewel’s Brain Balancing Program first, before fully immersing and gaining access to New Neighborhoods in the brain. For 7 days consecutively, we will gather for an hour to an 1.5 hours 6:30 am est time to inform, educate, answer questions and Balance with the Balancing Symbols together. Express your interest here and join the our PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP. Register and join us for more information.

We’re approaching another Future Galactic Activation Portal Meditation. This series begins Thursday, December 5- 14, @ 6:30 am est. We only offer this series every few months because it is intense and effective practice. It is designed, specifically, to utilize the power of the energetic planetary shifts which crate greater windows of OPPORTUNITY of MANIFESTATION. Join us for this 10 day/plasma series.

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2019 Advanced Discipline Workshop_ Cosmic Healing and Memory Retrieval_ HISTORY OF THE OLMECS

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The Self-Existing OWL Moon

10 Plasma/Day Past Portal Meditation


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Yellow Magnetic Human WAVESPELL“CREATE YOUR DAY” 13 day Creation Format

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Learn how to Create Anything you desire in Alignment with the UNIVERSE! -Dr. Jewel Pookrum


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