Course Description & Goal:

The Neuron is the cell of the main computer system of the Hueman avatar, responsible for processing the thought wave frequencies of the Mind Body and to leverage these wave frequencies into geometric formations captured in “Mass”. The observation of mass assembled in geometrical format(s) represent the material/physical creation of our thinking processes, referred to as “One’s life.”

This course is the basic and primary introduction to the Cell known as the NEURON, its intelligence and function.

80 to 100 trillion of these cells compose the Hueman Brain. The ability to Process large amounts of information and data, while experiencing minimal discomfort and prolonged if not permanent recall, of all information processed using “Neuron intelligence” is the result of mastering the ability to “Think Like a Neuron”.

Course Duration: Thirteen Plasmas (DAYS)

Course occurrence: September 3, 2019 – September 15, 2019.

Course Outline

The more you can “Think” like your Neuron, your world becomes limitless and totally navigational by your will. Let us begin to align our awareness with our neuron.

Day 1 THE NEURON, Basic Anatomy and function

Day 2 THE NEURON, Basic electrical and chemical modes of communication

Day 3 The NEURON, what role does GEOMETRY play within our perception of Life

Day 4 THE NEURON, Chemistry of the ability to remember

Day 5 THE NEURON, Consciousness of the neuron follows Geometry.

Day 6-7 The Neuron, how to absorb information consistent with the structure of the Neuron.

Day 8 Learning to Read like the Neuron perceives data.

Day 9-10 Reading and outlining data like a neuron

Day 11 Final Review of the Book you read like a neuron (Assigned to you)

Day 12 Discussion of your friendship with your NEURON

Day 13 Review and summary of the relationship you have cultivated with your Neuron

Course Fee: $525 Dollars USD or the equivalent can be paid by: Payment Plans; available upon request (see below) _Replays included.

Course Instructor: Jewel Pookrum, MD, PhD, MFS Dr. Jewel as she is lovingly referred, is well known internationally in her field of Neuro-redesign and Geometric (Structural) Cellular biology. Please brief yourself with her contributions to the health & well-being of Huemanity at the following websites:

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