Holomind Perceiver

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Winter 2019!

Holomind Perceiver (HMP)

holomind perceiver class at JUIS

The Synchronotron is the advanced application of the Law of Time, brought through Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan. It is an intergalactic-interdimensional telepathic communication medium, and a path to the stars through the laboratory of your own body, mind and spirit. In this course Jacob Rhythmic Dragon will acquaint you with the intricate landscape of the Synchronotron forming the multidimensional circuitry of the Holomind Perceiver – the matrix of radial consciousness.

Topics include:

  • Introducing the Synchronotron Matrices
  • Number as telepathic language
  • The 7 Heptad Gates in the Brain
  • The 9 Time Dimensions
  • The 21 Galactic Archetypes
  • Telepathic memorization exercises
  • Complete instructions for the daily practice
  • …and much more!

When: Fridays February 22nd – May 24th 2019
Seli Kin 120 Yellow Electric Sun
2:00 pm EST-3:30 pm EST