DJBP – Life with a Balanced Brain

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Cynthia Blackman Santana

DJBP’s start date September 2019

Back in July 2019, my world was turned upside down when I was diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma, which led to spinal surgery due to a fracture in my T7 vertebra and six months of chemotherapy. While undergoing medical treatment, I supplemented my healing with (DJBP) Brain Balancing Program.
As soon as I started DJBP, I found the side effects of my chemotherapy treatments lessened. I no longer experienced severe fatigue, memory loss, and nausea that are oftentimes associated with chemotherapy. I became alert and attracted to reading, writing, and color. I noticed that my mind’s capacity to retain information expanded and my desire to explore creativity increased. I rediscovered my love for writing and joined a creative writing program. One of my short stories was selected to be published in Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center’s 2020 Visible Ink Anthology and will be performed on stage in New York City by a professional actor.

Happily, in January 2020, my doctor declared “cancer in remission,” which means I am now cancer-free. Because of my new excitement for reading and studying, I enrolled in two of Jewel University’s classes. Subsequently, I have found myself more introspective in observing my thinking. Recently, Dr. Jewel gave her students in the “Think Like a Neuron” class a coloring assignment and I colored my neurons “bright green.” At the time, I didn’t realize green’s significance. Now, I recognize that green symbolizes health and that green covers much of the earth’s surface. The Brain Balancing Program has supported me in realizing my brain’s amazing healing power. In addition, by practicing DJBP, I am fulfilling my agreement with myself, which is to always do what I love to remain in joy, optimal health, and in alignment with my life’s purpose.

Photo by – @Sabiyhaprince (Instagram)


The Dr. Jewel’s Brain Balancing Program has been a very rewarding experience.  Prior to joining, I struggled with making sound decisions, maintaining my focus on school work, and endured a  challenging work environment.  Once I started balancing, I immediately saw the shifts around me.  I was so grateful to see how much more focused I became on my schoolwork and I prioritize my day.  I am now a lot calmer and feel more connected to my inner self and environment.  The symbols have helped me be more aware of my thoughts, and I am more compassionate and loving to myself.  Because I am learning more about myself, it helps me make better decisions.  I notice that the more I balance, the more amazing my body and mind feels.  I experience tingles in my third eye.  My senses and intuition have heightened.  I experience many more synchronicities.  For example, I would have a thought and hear it from someone, or see it written down.  I have better dream recalls, and it feels more lucid.  I feel a deep connection with people and animals.  I can understand how birds and cats communicate with me since balancing both hemispheres of my brain.  I am also thinking clearer and manifesting things quicker.  I hear music and see and read differently then I did before, which I never knew I had the capability to do- C.B., NY