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Throughout history, man has sought ways and methods of balancing inner spiritual life with the outer physical life.  Many ancient and modern systems have been developed and used with that objective: Meditation, religion, rituals, education, yoga, healing, sitting with Masters, and many more.  In modern times, man has sought this integration through psychology, religion, metaphysics, therapy, dance and movement, biofeedback, art therapy and dream analysis, gestalt, new thought movement, and many other forms.  All have helped, yet man still seeks to accomplish his basic objective.

Sixty-(60) years ago, a method was found to identify, numerically, the “MENTAL POTENTIAL” of an individual.  Through research with between 35,000 and 50,000 people, there emerged the understanding that the numbers on the scale between 100 and 800 reflected the growth or gradual expansion of comprehension of the level of awareness of the individual with the higher numbers reflecting a higher level of awareness and more comprehensive mental ability with the potential for broader understanding.  In other words, it identifies the potential capability of an individual.  Through extensive research with individuals throughout the world, a classification was developed.  It was found that individuals with the same measurement on the Mental Potential scale had comparable abilities, the same level of comprehension or awareness and the same potential for understanding.  Over the years, the accuracy of this measurement has been repeatedly confirmed.  Today, the measurement’s reliability identifies the stage of development of an individual.

Although this measurement made it possible to explain to the individual their grasp of the world, or their level of awareness of ever expanding and complex matters and concepts, there remained a tremendous gap between one’s potential and one’s use of their potential in the world.

Thirty-eight (38) years ago, another measurement was found which reflected the PERFORMANCE LEVEL of an individual.  This measurement indicated their potential for USE of their innate ability, their mind, their inner power, their insight, or the extent of their use of the “MENTAL POTENTIAL” identified by the first measurement. This second measurement was called the “EMOTIONAL COEFFICIENT” number.

The Mental Potential measures the level of potential capability.  The Emotional Coefficient measures the energy of action available to stir this capability into outer expression.  Few of us can produce at the level, or in the manner, we envision is possible for us.

“The Key to Developing Your Emotional IQ”

Balancing Synopsis      

Next, it was learned that the ideal relationship between the two measurements should be one where the “EMOTIONAL COEFFICIENT” is 1/10th that of the “MENTAL POTENTIAL”.  That is, if the Mental Potential is 300, the Emotional Coefficient should be 30.0.  In the past 35 years, only 11 people have been found who were perfectly Balanced.  Ninety-five (95) percent of people checked, had an Emotional Coefficient number on this scale between 18.0 and 22.0, indicating that they were performing at a level FAR BELOW THEIR POTENTIAL.  Obviously, Humanity is NOT Balanced.

The Balancing Program brings these measurements into a balanced, harmonious alignment and holds them permanently in alignment.  The method is the use of a simple meditation-type process which focused, in turn, on each of three (3) geometric symbols each day for a period of 24-30 months.  The daily effort requires 15 consecutive minutes – five minutes concentration on each of the three forms which accomplishes this “Balancing”.  Of all the research to find a way to achieve balance, this particular method is the only one found which succeeds in raising the “EMOTIONAL COEFFICIENT” number to the point where it LOCKS and does not go back down to the original level when the exercise is stopped.

Years of observation has confirmed that those individuals who became “Balanced” were able to express and manifest a greater degree of their innate ability or their potential (mentally) and personality capacity.  As their mental and emotional aspects become integrated, or centered, they naturally, express more and more of their basic potential.

There are three components used in the measurement process:


The MENTAL POTENTIAL measurement reflects the person’s overall comprehension or capacity to grasp, perceive, relate and comprehend.  It includes the perception of relationships, degree of understanding of complex matters, awareness of time, and the relationship of past to present and to future, and the ability to comprehend ever-expanding horizons.

The EMOTIONAL COEFFICIENT number indicates the level of maturity of the individual.  That is, their degree of ability to express or manifest the potential indicated by the first number and the ability to carry out the intent of the individual.  It measures the “want to” energy, and the “action” energy, or the capacity for expression of one’s potential.  From this measurement, Emotional patterns, which limit or interfere with the full expression of the potential of the individual can be identified and explained.

                          “The Key to Developing Your Emotional IQ”

Balancing Synopsis

The REACTION SYMBOL measures the intent of the individual in respect to choosing a constructive course of action – or the degree of forcefulness the individual has available to manifest their intent.  Alternatively, it might be explained as the way an individual innately makes selection of their course of action, and the energy available to put their plan into manifestation.

Most people have an innate awareness or “insight” into what they feel they are capable of accomplishing.  This is rarely realized because of the low Emotional Level.  As a result, stress, frustration, and impatience are the lot of most people.

Without dwelling on negatives, it appears that the majority of people who have a comparatively low EMOTIONAL COEFFICIENT number will constantly, on some level, experience their degree of frustration, confusion, conflict, loneliness, separation, mood swings, limiting thoughts and attitudes, doubt, uncertainty, inability to express and manifest completely their spiritual pattern, purpose or goals, and they will have only a partial understanding and connection with Nature, the earth, and with the natural forces of physical life.  To word it another way, they have only a limited control over their body, mind, emotions, or spiritual tendencies.  Their “true” awareness of themselves, their consciousness, mind, body and emotional nature is limited.

As an individual starts the Balancing Program, there is soon a “progressive” evolution of awareness, knowledge and love.  The great benefit of this method is the increased capacity of the individual to express their Mental Potential with increased manifestation of innate love, good will, faith and compassion.  With this Program, a number of people have expressed the concept that an individual’s overall spiritual, mental, emotional, physical and social development can be unlimited in value, scope, and potential.  Once a person is Balanced and Locked, the potential for optimum personal growth has been enhanced, supported and reaffirmed in their own consciousness.

By the time a person is Balanced and Locked, they express freedom from the majority of emotionally limiting patterns and manifest far more of their potential.  Thereafter, they progressively express much more effectiveness in their lives.  As almost everyone has said, “Their lives work”.  Later, they report that they realize they are moving into control over their lives and over their ability to use their potential.

One individual expressed the conviction that this Balancing process assists people in manifesting universal and unconditional love and wisdom in their lives in a deeply creative intelligent way.  It further assisted this individual in developing personal will power.  There also emerged the “inner” feeling that one can find and acknowledge one’s own true identity and purpose in life.

Balancing Synopsis      

An integrated individual expressing true spiritual talents and gifts for the benefit of all humanity is the goal of many who have completed the Balancing Program.  As another individual said; “living philosophy of love forms a bridge for the creativeness of the spiritual core to manifest the unknown into the known.  For then, with peace and freedom internally, the light is Divine Understanding can be our guide”.

The Balancing Program

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