Creating a Life Of Sovereignty

Course Duration: Thirteen Plasmas (DAYS)

Course occurrence: September 16, 2019 – September 29, 2019.

Course Outline

What does it mean to be sovereign?  What do you know, and what do you think you know about taxes? Why do you pay taxes? What do you know about how & why Social Security was created? These questions are being asked to prompt your state of awareness. We get up every day and step out into the world and truly have no idea about what is happening around  us or why. We are very much stuck in a reality of unknowingness and not realizing how much this unknowingness is affecting our lives in a distracting and unhealthy way.

Why does it appear that no matter how hard one tries they just can’t seem to get ahead? Or the belief system that the only thing that is going to change one’s life is if they have more money?. 

It is vital for one to know the truth about their existence if they want to live a life of sovereignty.  It’s vital to learn about why taxes, government,  and religions  were created and how it has affected your day to day reality. There is occult information that is waiting to be shared with you, all you have to do is ask. This information has been around for centuries, but because of the way our systems have been designed,  it’s been kept out of the general public eye, but it is yours to know.

Ultimately sovereignty is a state of  and shift in consciousness. In order for this shift to take place, one must have access to information about the truth of their existence.  Join Dr. Jewel Pookrum in our 13 Day Intensive “Create a Life of Sovereignty: You can be Sovereign in this Lifetime” Course, as she brings you the wealth of information that is yours to know. The information is going to change your life and put you on the path to living the life that you were already designed to live. Some of it is going to be quite shocking and may even affect you at deep emotional levels. Its going to wake us up from the inside, the  very core of who we are and aid our lives to move into the depths of purpose that we have been seeking consciously and unconsciously all along! We are looking forward to seeing you in “Create a Life of Sovereignty: You can be Sovereign in this Lifetime” Course!!  Time for transformation.

In this 13 Day/Plasma  Intensive course you will learn:

  • *What is Sovereignty?
  • *What it means to be Sovereign
  • *How Governments are designed
  • *Why taxes were created
  • *The states of Currency
  • *Why and how symbolism is used on money, in government and religion
  • *How the symbolism has kept one programmed and you will now learn how to release yourself from it
  • *How to align yourself with the symbolism
  • *Creating a Life of Joy & Habundance
  • *The steps to becoming sovereign

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Course Instructor: Jewel Pookrum, MD, PhD, MFS Dr. Jewel as she is lovingly referred, is well known internationally in her field of Neuro-redesign and Geometric (Structural) Cellular biology. Please brief yourself with her contributions to the health & well-being of Huemanity at the following websites:

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