Law of Time (LOT)

law of time class at JUIS

What is time? What is the relation between time and human consciousness? Time and spirituality? Time and the next stage of our evolution in the universe? Clearing away the error of time in the human mind, while elucidating the actual nature of time, the Law of Time sheds light on vistas hitherto unseen and unknown, that all humanity might ascend to its next evolutionary stage. As a new knowledge, the Law of Time lays the foundation for the reformulation of the human mind.The primary g-force that is personified is developmental through learning and decoding your GPS (Galactic Purpose Signature).

Natural Time Scholar-Wanique KT Shabazz provides comprehensive report charts to support Time Travelers to glean a clear navigational perspective of their journey.

You can start to experience the magic of the synchronic order when living in accord with your Galactic Purpose Signature.  Your GPS is your code name for your mythic or fourth-dimensional self.  Each galactic signature is a gateway or portal that can be used to discover different aspects of your being.

Your specific galactic purpose signature corresponds with a number, color, Earth family, chakra, planet, and much more. Through the synchronic order, events and people in our lives can be viewed from a higher-dimensional vantage point revealing ever-deepening patterns of meaning.

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