DJBP for Children

djbp for children

The Life Long Benefits of Balancing a Child’s Brain

Welcome to a simple and revolutionary technique to insure that your child will possess a fully mature and fully integrated Brain and nervous system upon reaching maturity. This tool is simple and easy to integrate into your daily lifestyle as a parent.

Be assured and confident, the DJBP program is totally designed to assist and support you to natural allow your child to develop into a genius being.
A few of the major benefits of balancing your child’s brain are:

  • The child’s nervous system will reach its full development and maturity.
  • The brain grows very rapidly in the first 12 years of life and especially during the first FIVE years. Observation of Sacred Geometry insures that the cells of the brain will grow symmetrical and orderly, alleviating any unknown or inherent malformations or misalignment, which may cause learning or emotional disabilities later in the child’s development.
  • Often unknown ingestion of chemicals or medication during pregnancy can disturb the organization of the brain cells, which may appear later in childhood as mood disorders. Exposure to sacred geometry will assist the brain cells to produce healthy neurotransmitters which can help to Balance and offset any side effects from inappropriate chemical exposures during pregnancy.
  • A healthy Balanced and organized brain acquired early in life, significantly increases the success of the child in childhood as well as throughout their entire life.

Criteria to Enroll Your Child Into The Dr. Jewel’s Balancing Program for Children (DJBPC)

  • All children (beginning from Nine (9) months and older) entering the DJBPC must have one or more parents/guardians who has completed the DJBP or is actively enrolled into the plus or premium levels of DJBP.
  • The parent or Guardian must subscribe to the DJBBA (Dr. Jewel Balanced Brain Alliance), if the Parent/Guardian has completed the basic DJBP.
  • The parent must agree to accompany the child and supervise the child’s balancing session every day. This time span will range from 90 seconds up to 4 min. each day. The parent/Guardian must agree to keep a daily log charting the child’s progress and response to each session, each day.
  • The parent/Guardian must agree to attend three (3) months of educational teleconferences. One, 30 min conference twice per month must be attended.
  • The parent/guardian must agree to share the written observations keep by the parent in the Balancing daily journal with the DJBP program. The exchange of this information will be used to advance the knowledge base of the parent (s) as well as the DJBP. All information will be kept confidential.