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Your Body is Your Blueprint: Immunology & Body Hygiene for the 21st Century

Course Description:

In this 13 week course you will learn the empowering information of how the Immune System is a network of cells, tissues, organs, and bio-chemicals that works collectively and throughout the entire body. This system has been taught mainly as a system that fights against pathogens and foreign invaders, but it is so much more.

The Immune System is a major communication center that must communicate with the nervous and other systems in order for the body to transmit and receive the information necessary for optimal function. In this course you will learn the blueprint of how the immune system functions and how your body creates its own vaccines. You will also learn about true body hygiene, nutrition and consciousness to aid your *Hueman avatar in functioning in the most optimal way. Anytime a person chooses to learn about their own anatomy and physiology they are “Reclaiming Their Body’s Owners’ Manual”. You are developing a partnership with your body to ultimately expand consciousness and support you in your Divine Purpose.

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Your Body is your Blueprint : Immunology and Body Hygiene for the 21st Century
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