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Dr Jewel’s Balancing Program (DJBP)

Dr. Jewel’s Balancing Program (DJBP) is a revolutionary program which utilizes sacred geometry to synchronize the logical left and creative right sides of the brain, allowing them to work together with what we term “full brain functionality”.

Dr. Jewel’s Balancing Program restores the neurons of the brain to their default pattern, allowing them to configure, integrate and develop new and exciting connections with previously unused or underdeveloped areas of the brain! As a result of this, participants can experience;

  • Accelerated cell regeneration
  • Enhanced functioning of your Immune System
  • Increased memory capabilities
  • Calming the brain
  • Reduced brain and body anxiety
  • Increased conscious access to more brain cells and brain circuits
  • Heightens ones general awareness of their environment
  • Greater mental acuity and enhanced intelligence (IQ)
  • Matured emotional development (EQ)
  • A heightened level of joy and inner peace
  • A deeper, fonder connection in close relationships, and for life in general
  • …and much more!

What’s Included:

  • DJBP symbols (Sacred Geometry)
  • Your Initial Measurement Details (Mental Potential, Emotional Coefficient, Reaction Symbol)
  • Customized Mental Potential Chart
  • Support group classes with Dr. Jewel every week
  • Updated Reading (upon request)

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