13 days Financial Success

“How to Increase Your Income by 75% in Thirteen (13) Moon (Months)

These are the processes and experiences we will have together over the next THIRTEEN Plasmas (days) that we will process & experience together through this course.

Day # 1: Welcome, Overview & Summary_ YOUR BACK STORY

Day # 2: Review and signing of your Success Contract to Yourself to achieve your desired Financial GOAL  

Day # 3-4 Review of the Anatomical Locations of the Brain that you will be developing for Life, to achieve & sustain your Financial Success.  

Day # 5-6 Learning & Bonding to the Frequency & Rhythms of Success_ You must Learn, Know & generate these frequencies throughout your body upon demand.  

Day #7-8 Thinking & working within the frequencies of success.  

Day #9-11 Seeing the Reality of your life for the next 270 days in your mind– The Geometry/Template (s) of Success.  

Day # 11 Review of you Success contract, and what you have committed to become.  Are you really ready?  

Day #12_ Living your success (Total review and full animation of your Financial Success) How does it Look, Feel, Smell, and Sound. Show us & Yourself (DEMO)  

Day # 13_ How to think, Live and demonstrate daily Gratitude & Appreciation for your success. Close of the course.  

Sign up option for the Weekly or bimonthly “Follow up sessions” throughout the next 270 days will be available. Fees will be announced during the course

When: Every Plasma Kin 248-260

(Sunday-Saturday June 30- July 12 2019)
7:30 PM EST -9:00 PM EST

dr jewel pookrum juis chancellor

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Dr. Jewel Pookrum, M.D.,Ph.D, M.F.S.

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Installment: $450 due at checkout, $250 due on the 10th day of the class. Total $700.00