Cosmic Sankofa Information

Greetings Star Travelers!

Join us in our Virtual Adobe Connect Space for a 4 Day Future Past Portals Meditation. The meditation begins on Monday 5/22/17 (Silio Kin 259) and will conclude on Thursday 5/25/17 (Limi Kin 2) as we engage this highly intense timespace.  All are welcome to join us, including newcomers to the Balancing Program and the Law of Time.   See details below:

6:00 am – Balancing Session

6:30 am – Prayer of the 7 Galactic Directions  

6:45 am – Meditation Session Begins

Share this incredible experience with us as we access this powerful energy during the Spectral Serpent Moon of Dissolve, Release, Liberate.  See you in the session!  For questions please email us at:

Webinar Link:

Passcode:  MELANIN  

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