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The Issue with Color

Blissful Greetings, We are most appreciative when our students share The Dr. Jewel’s Brain Balancing Program therefore, it is important that we provide you with MORE information. Please listen carefully. Enroll in the JEWEL UNIVERSITY of Immortal Sciences for Immortal Living (JUIS) https://juis.education or email us at djbp@juis.education. 1.888.659.4486 Contact us WARNING!!!! This is an […]

Save Our Rainforest

Calling all Balanced Brain Individuals Let US CONTINUE_ our LOVE FOCUS is helping We focus to see persistent rain over the Amazon Rainforest beginning immediately to cease all fires and all burning of the plants, the animals, and the people. Focus time begins: 12:00 pm est ( 11 am cst/ 9 am pst) and 6:00 […]

Dr. Jewel Brain Balancing Program_ Rave Reviews

Greetings everyone! Listen to Benefits of having Balance Brain from one of our Students Cindy Blackman Santana. Also check out, Carlos Santana & Cindy Blackman Santana on TOUR! Coming to a city near you. Get your tickets now. We’d love to hear your testimony, contact us!

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