Living & Being Universal Principles

Living & Being Universal Principles

Felicia Muhammad, UPSG-FIT, LFP,Personal Transformation Facilitator

Felicia supports people's capacity begin to accept responsibility for their actions in order to re-create the NU LIFE of destiny & purpose; Identified by her peers as one who provides cutting edge Natural healing modalities, she joyously guides others in harnessing ones ability to Awaken the Healer Within© through self-correction and Reclaiming 'Your Body's Owners' Manual' (thanks Dr Jewel Pookrum). For over 2 decades, she continues to empower, support, and teach others how to have fun being Purpose and the Pathway to Achieve it while transforming the limiting beliefs keeping one stuck in Love, health and Wealth. Felicia harmoniously touch every area of your life assisting you in the Evolution of your most authentic self.

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