Geometry and Neuroplasticity Stimulation©

Dr. Jewel Pookrum, MD, PhD, MFS
February 2011 ©


The human brain is fascinating; largely due to its vast network of neuronal connections and their ability to reconfigure themselves into each new arrangement after exposure to new stimuli of any intensity. This incredible flexibility of the neurons also results in new behavioral patterns of tissues in the body.

Geometry, an incredibly undervalued, yet essential practical science, is a critical factor in the causation of advancing or hindering neural development. The phenomenon of nerve tissue to demonstrate flowing neural restructuring qualities, simulating the quality of plastic in neuron behavior as they continue to experience repetitive stimuli of any type, has been labeled “Neuroplasticity”.

This ever-flowing quality of the Neuron to change their shape and connective relationship with neighboring neurons, creates elaborate circuits of neuronal tissue linkage, which participate in the creation of unique and sustaining neuronal interactions. This quality of Neuroplasticity within the neuro, assures resilience to all nerve tissue as well as to all non-neuronal tissues throughout the body. The ability of neurons to change their geometric configuration, conformation, and function, assures the ability of nerve tissue as well as all tissues to seek their Ideal geometric shape and location. This ability ensures ideal functionality of all tissues, all the time as the environment will support.

Science has evolved to finally describe the tissues of the Hueman body to be plastic-like in nature as an innate quality and characteristic of itself. This capability to exhibit the ability to undergo extreme alterations in shape, contour and size is exquisitely precious. This ability of Human tissue to demonstrate extreme changes in its geometric structure also explains how and why the functionality of tissues can be so vast. The ability of tissue to geometrically change to adapt to ongoing stimuli, explains why human tissue can recover its ideal shape and function after experiencing extreme traumatic conditions. The exposure to appropriate geometric templates plays a dynamic and necessary role in the total recovery of traumatized tissues. It appears that the degree of demonstrative function or dysfunction at any point in the lifespan of tissue is, dependent upon the geometric template embedded within the tissue matrix itself. The continuity of the tissue matrix which organizes the cells composing the tissue and their relationship to other tissues are all guided by geometry.

“Reviewing the neuroanatomy of tissue in various phyla of the animal Kingdom, we consistently observe that there is a default organizational template for cellular arrangements all defined by geometry. As this template evolved, an underlying geometrically based tissue structure arrangement appears and remains steadfast throughout the lifespan of the cell and its foundational tissue matrix. Recent discoveries in the ¹realm of quantum physics show similar templates as the core of All matter and the universe.
¹ (Scientific American, A Geometric Theory of Everything, November 29, 2010; included on this website)

It has been repeatedly observed that the subjection of the brain to geometric templates via optical stimulation, causes profound neuronal structural growth, differentiation and increased axonal activity of the neurons. This growth effect can also occur from exposing the brain to acoustic (sound) stimuli repeatedly. The neurological changes of neurons within the brain from acoustic wave lengths (sounds) from the Electromagnetic Spectrum (EMS), appears to be ranked by the brain, and is responded to by the brain, as a secondary stimulus for neurological change. If the Optic Nerve is intact and used as a primary receptor exposed to stimuli as light in myriads of Geometric forms (shape power); the unanimous subjective comments are experiences of increased awareness, decreased anxiety, increased serenity, increased mental acuity, increased memory and recall is reported.

As a result of exposing neuronal tissues to geometry “*Shape Power”, cellular behavioral patterns can realign, providing tissue with a greater capability to regenerate and to demonstrate healthier function.

For the past 25 years, it was noted that exposing healthy and ill Participants (subjects) to visual geometric stimuli, promoted changes in the physiology, neuroanatomy and bodily function of all tissues in humans. These changes have been subjectively confirmed in numerous individuals, including the resolution of significant emotional trauma.

Individuals without identifiable dis-ease noted significant benefits from repetitive observation of specific geometric patterns, including heightened mental acuity, calmness, extended memory capacity, boosts in somatic energy and the enhanced sense of overall confidence, while reducing stress levels.

In summary:
The Daily focus on select and specific geometric templates for short periods of time, stimulates dendritic development, neuropeptide synthesis, neuronal growth and axonal extension activity in brain tissue. The brain’s affinity to geometry, which has been observed to be used by the tissues themselves as a guide for tissue structure, organization of cellular relationship and reorganization of tissues relative to, tissue trauma and tissue spatial alignments to neighboring cells and tissues. The ability of tissue exposed to geometry for the activation of tissue growth and the stimulation of the neurons to demonstrate precise functionality within themselves and the tissues the neurons innervate, is accelerated and intensified. Thus, the epigenetic environment is also dominated by “shape Power” which reinforces the effects of Geometry on human tissue overall.

The perpetual exposure of biological systems to geometry (Shape Power), proves to be necessary in order to grasp the nature and potential of neurons to exhibit their innate quality of Neuroplasticity…the ability of neurons to spontaneously change the shape, size, function and location of themselves within the brain, their peripheral nervous tissues and within, and throughout all tissues of the body.

Jewel Pookrum, MD, PhD, MSF
The Jewel University of Immortal Sciences for Immortal Living (JUIS)
February 2011©

*Shape Power; consciously employed by the Egyptians, used the tool(s) to define mass and recorded the effects of shape power upon mass exposed to “SHAPE Power”. The recording of these observations is presently known as Hieroglyphics. The Egyptian and Sumerian cultures were very versed in the science of using “SHAPE Power” upon all mass, living tissue and biological systems throughout the existence of these cultures. The Romans gave the name “GEOMETRY” to the “Shape Power” Science they observed while living within the Egyptian culture in northern Africa