A Brief History

The “Balancing Program” is the name that has been given to the program that brings the Emotional Nature of an individual into alignment and into balance with the individual’s Mental aspect or Mental Potential.

Originally started 1951 in the United States, by the Biometrics Research Foundation of Beverly Hills, California, this program was continued by Dr. Viola Pettit-Neal and later by Marta and Walter Burleigh of Tucson, Arizona.

Marta gave personal instruction to Dr. Jewel Pookrum, who is now making this program available to people all over the world. Dr. Pookrum’s focus is on offering this program to individuals with Health challenges, those desirous of living a life with “Minimal Stress”, individuals seeking to significantly prolong their Life Span, and to those who want to access, activate and develop more of their Brain capacity. In doing so, this program with the support of Dr. Jewel’s medical expertise, has proven to correct dysfunction in the body rapidly, and in many cases, permanently; to decrease the aging process of the body and enhance the intellectual and emotional capacity of all who have completed this program.

The ability to measure the radiating waves emanating from a person (i.e. the Brain radiation or Mental radiation) was rediscovered early in the 1900’s by a Frenchman.  The history of the measurement, the instruments, and the research making it possible to explain the meaning of the measurements are described in Max Freedom Long’s book, “Psychometric Analysis” which was published in 1959.  Later, this measurement was found to be a measurement of the comprehension or the understanding of the individual, and was then called the Mental Potential number, the Brain radiation number or the Mental Level.Subsequently, Mr. Roland Neal of the Biometrics Research Foundation found that people with the same Brain radiation number were performing at widely different levels.  After further research, he identified the Emotional Coefficient.  He found that the “level of performance” or “extent of use of one’s ability” could be clearly identified by this measurement.Recent data indicates that the Egyptians used this FOCUS Discipline in their Temple training.  It has been revealed that Pythagoras returned from Egypt and introduced this practice to Roman Europe, also incorporating it into his school of mathematics.The Brain radiation level (or mental Potential number) of individuals was usually found to be between 200 and 500 on the Biometrics Scale.For an individual to fully use their Potential Capacity, the Emotional Coefficient measurement would need to be at 1/10th of their Mental Potential number.In fact, it was found that the level of performance of 99% of people was very, very low.  In their research, only 7 people were perfectly balanced – all of them being internationally known for their accomplishments.Next, through research, the Neals found a way to bring people’s Mental and Emotional Energies into Balance.  In the next 25 years, nearly 10,000 people found their way to the Foundation to get balanced.Knowledge of the program spread by word of mouth and by those who found tremendous improvements in their lives.  In that early period, it was necessary for people to visit the Foundation every three weeks.  First, to be counseled and subsequently, to verify their progress.  It was found that, without the recurrent check, people did not DO the program (daily concentration/Focus discipline) with sufficient vigor and effort to make progress.  For those reasons, the program was only available to people who were near Beverly Hills, California.The program to get “Balanced” is a rather simple focus preformed on three geometric forms.  The concentration/focus discipline must be done for a period of 15 minutes approximately every 24 hours until they are balanced Missing days means the individual delays their progress by that number of days.  Overall, between 5 and 14 months of daily 15 minute concentration is required to accomplish the objective.Marta and Walter Burleigh made their transition between 1996-1999 Dr. Jewel is now offering this program to individuals across the country to assist those who are ill or healthy, to experience what living can become when one is “Balanced”.  Dr. Jewel has been trained and enabled to measure people without having to come to Tucson or Atlanta for the initial measurements and/or counseling, or for subsequent progress measurements.