Why enroll in the JNR?

J.E.W.E.L Neuro Re-Design (JNR) is a program you will want to be a part of for three (3) important reasons:

Reason 1

It is very pleasurable. Most people experience a deep, meditative state, very much like that of yogis who meditate many hours daily. In this state, the brain produces a whole host of very pleasurable neurochemicals (including endorphins) and it feels particularly good. Anyone struggling with stress will absolutely love this program. Unlike the usual closed eye methods of meditation procedures, the DJBP is an open-eyed, fully conscious, focused exercise. It is this open-eyed technique that stimulates the brain’s neuron population to change, migrate, and reconnect to other neurons within the brain. The brain actively grows and rewires itself during this focus exercise. This neuron activity within the brain is known a neuroplasticity.

Reason 2

As these new neuronal pathways connect and synchronize themselves within the two hemispheres of the brain, the JNR practitioner develops what scientists call “Whole Brain Function”, including dramatic improvements in a wide variety of mental abilities. Neuronal qualities such as accelerated learning, increased intuition, improved mental clarity, enhanced creativity, precise focus and enhanced concentration, and expanded intelligence are just a few of the usual qualities achieved within the first six (6) months of daily practice of the JNR. The program is simple to use and simply requires fifteen (15) minutes of your awareness twice daily. Many report what can only be described as quantum leaps in self-awareness. The tissues of the body also respond, respectively. The immune system’s function is enhanced, the aging process is significantly slowed, and the ability of the cells to regenerate is accelerated. As the intelligence of the mental body increases due to increased brain function, the intelligence of the DNA within the cells of all tissues is activated and enhanced. This practice ensures that the cells of the body will remember their normal, healthy state and recreate it spontaneously.

Reason 3

Here is the big pay off! Every time the nervous system recognizes itself at a new and higher level, you experience yourself and your world in a totally new way! Your threshold for stress goes up and many of the uncomfortable, dysfunctional feelings, behaviors and limitations we all experience from time to time begin to fall away; even those that have resisted change using other methods of stress management over the years. This means you can easily experience dramatic changes in your mental and emotional health with the use of this simple focus exercise. This program accentuates the release of self-defeating behaviors, childhood traumas, and personal limitations. The release of unresolved anger, fear, and sadness is accelerated with the use and daily practice of J.E.W.E.L. Neuro Re-Design (JNR).

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