The Issue with Color

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This is an issue with color that most people do not understand and so, Black offers forty nine wave lengths of color or information and in each one of those forty nine wave lengths, there are three levels of information Terrestrial , Celestial, and Cosmic and each one of those levels has One Thousand and One nuance, of information. That is not true for White light. White light only has seven wave lengths of light times three levels so it is the image in full color which is black that then shapes and redirects growth and development of the Neuron. It is not white, so when you look at that type of Symbol you have Blackness but it have no definition and to the Neuron. What’s giving it’s directness and structure is the actual Geometry Template which happens to be in white which is far less potent, contains far less information than a Blackened Symbol. This is why we have cautioned people not to attempt to balance the Brain to re-design the Neuro Nets of the Brain using White geometry, or White Geometric templates. They must be in full array of their power which at this dimension eyes appears as black. So, it doesn’t matter what the other colors may be, black has the most information and the most intense information and the most intensity and stimulation to cause neurons to re-arrange themselves period.

Now when we have used our Colored Symbols which are again on a white background but we polarize that white light to show it’s composition chromatically, the symbol itself now is the chromatic composition of the white light and because each color presents itself separately but uniquely, the Neuro begins to absorb the depths and the Information of the Color, that is why when we are teaching with the colored symbols we are in relationship with the color it proceeds. So many people testify that after they look the prismatic symbol the color becomes dimensional. It’s no longer just a flat surface, so all the colors just depended upon the duration over interval that you look at the prismatic symbol person that they can actually become the color, they can walk into the color, because the color has become quite dimensional. So, all colors ones that’s locks into the brain never becomes just a flat surface is what we call color any longer, know that it’s a dimensional we know that it have information. We know that it a realm of awareness, But we cannot develop and change Neuronal activity using just white light, the information in what we call the visual light spectrum is limited only seven wave lengths oppose to what we perceive as blackness or black light is forty-nine times three times one thousand nuances of information that is what causes the neuron to change their orientation in Space within the Brain and Nervous System, So, again in closing you can not create neural design and neural plasticity to the degree possible using shape power in the color of White. You cannot, that is why white basically really kind of calms people down. Ok so they put people in a white room, so what do we know about in a white room? You don’t learn very much, it definitely is nullifying as far as really learning, increase precision relaxing you don’t have breakthroughs with just white because the information is just limited.

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Dr. Jewel Pookrum & JUIS Staff